Saule Rakhimzhanova

Post-doctorante en histoire.

Affiliation : Institut d’archéologie Margulan, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Laboratoire d’accueil en France : UMR TRAJECTOIRES laboratory (CNRS- Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne).

Projet de post-doctorat : « Pottery production at the Eneolithic settlement Derkul 1 in the Northern Aral Sea region (Western Kazakhstan) »

Publications scientifiques :

  1. Onggaruly A., Asylbekov K., Kairmagambetov A., Rahimzhanova S., Musagazhynova A., Maulet A., Bekzatkyzy I., Nuskabay A. Saryarka’s Heritage in the centre of steppe Eurasia. – «Kazyna» series.Vol. VI. – Ed.Onggaruly A. – Nur-Sultan: National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 352 p.
  2. Onggaruly A., Kairmagambetov A.M., Nuskabay A.A., Rahimzhanova S.Zh. (Nur-Sultan, Republic of Kazakhstan). Mound of the Military Elite Sakas of Torgay // The Volga River Region Archaeology. – Kazan, 2020. – Vol.3 (33). pp. 233-247.
  3. Rakhimzhanova S. Zh. Technological analysis of the Early Bronze Age ceramics of the Shauke 1 settlement // Samara Journal of Science. – Samara, 2017.-Vol. 6, 2 (19). pp. 104-107.
  4. Giedre Motuzaite Matuzeviciute, Yurii F Kiryushin, Saule Zh Rakhimzhanova, Svetlana Svyatko, Alexey A Tishkin and Tamsin C O’Connell. Climatic or dietary change? Stable isotope analysis of Neolithic–Bronze Age populations from the Upper Ob and Tobol River basins // The Holocene, 2016, pp. 1-11.
  5. Leontyeva D.S., Rakhimzhanova S. Zh. Andronovo ceramics from the Bol’shoy Log-1 settlement in the south of the Western Siberia // Bulletin of Kemerovo State University – Kemerovo, 2016. – 2. pp. 31–40.
  6. Rakhimzhanova S. Zh. Technological analysis of ceramics from the Eneolithic settlement Novoilinka III // Samara Journal of Science. – Samara, 2015.- 4(13). pp. 86-90.
  7. Kachanovskaya M.G., Rakhimzhanova S. Zh. Techno-technological analyses of ceramics from eneolithic settlement Botai in Kazakhstan (based on materials from excavations in 2012) // Russian Archaeology. – 2014. 3. pp.19-25.

Langues parlées : kazakh, russe, anglais, allemand.


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