Almagul Mussina

Post-doctorante en sociologie.

Affiliation : Institut de politique publique de la République du Kazakhstan.

Laboratoire d’accueil en France : CNRS Monde Iranien et Indien.

Projet de post-doctorat : «Media and city: How social media changes the urban space. The case of Astana»

Publications scientifiques :


  • Zabirova A.T., Tagaeva S., Rodionov A.,Dosanova G., Koroleva K., Nurusheva A. Labour Market and High Education In Kazakhstan, Astana, 2008.
  • Nurusheva A. (2013) Features of the socio-spatial inequalities in the urban landscape of
    Astana.// Journal "Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya". Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy
    of Sciences. Publisher "Science." Number 4.

Autres Publications

  • Mussina A., Telebayev G. (2017) Astana: Transformation of urban social structure.
    Proceedings of XV international Symposium on Image studies, Astrakhan.
  • Nurusheva A. (2014) Forms of social differentiation in urban space of Astana,
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    capitals of countries: connotation of meanings”. Astana: Elorda, 2011. – 532 p. 425-428 pp.
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    Lomonosov Centre, St. Petersburg, 2011.
  • Nurusheva A. (2011), Problematising the spatial inequality in urban landscape.
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Langues parlées : russe, kazakh, anglais.

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