CASI-IFEAC Lecture series (May 8, 2013, Bishkek) : Ethno-political mobilization. A comparative analysis of minorities’ institutionalization in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan & Kyrgyzstan


In the last years of the Soviet period, Central Asian republics experienced the revival of national identities of the five titular nations as well as various local ethnic minorities. This revival took different institutional forms from cultural centers to political associations.

This presentation will explore the ethnic mobilization processes in three target countries in the late Soviet period and the first years after independence in order to draw similarities and differences between countries and between minorities.

This research is based on a range of interviews with activists, associations leaders, members of Parliament and politicians, as well as in-depth analysis of their official discourse.


Olivier Ferrando, Director
French Institute for Central Asian Studies, Bishkek


American University of Central Asia
205 Abdymonmunov, Bishkek
Wednesday 8 May 2013, 5 pm
Room 315

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