Aydogdy Kurbanov

Post-doctorant en Histoire.

Affiliation : Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography.

Laboratoire d’accueil en France : Laboratoire Archéorient, Maison de l’Orient et de la Méditerranée Jean Pouilloux.

Projet de post-doctorat : The Eastern frontiers of the Sasanian Empire: Case Study in Southern Turkmenistan.

Publications scientifiques :


  • 2013 The History and Archaeology of the Hephthalites. Bonn: Habelt Verlag. 306 pp. (en anglais)
  • 2011 co- auteur Great Silk Road and Turkmenistan, Ashgabat. 160 pp. (en turkmène, anglais et russe)
  • 2006 The Hephthalites. St. Petersburg. 166 pp. (en russe)


  • Conférence: A. Southern Turkmenistan in Sasanian time ; basée sur les écrits de la  conference:  “Urban cultures of Central Asia from the Bronze Age to the Karakhanids. Learnings and conclusions from new archaeological investigations and discoveries” by the University of Bern and the Society for the Exploration of EurAsia (Bern, Switzerland)
  • 2014 The Hephthalites: Iconographical Materials. Tyragetia. Journal of the National museum of Moldova. VIII [XXIII], nr. 1, pp.317-334 (en anglais)
  • 2013 Some information related to the art history of the Hephthalite time (4th-6th Centuries AD) in Central Asia and neighbouring countries. Revista sobre Oriente Próximo y Egipto en la antigüedad. Journal of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. 16, pp. 99-111 (en anglais)
  • 2012 Türkmen ylmy halkara gatnayklar ýolunda. Ylmy makalalar ýygyndysy – 3, Ashgabat. pp. 234-245 (en russe)
  • 2004 Genesis of the Hephthalites. Historiography of the problem. Cultural Values. International annual. pp. 45-55 (en russe)
  • 2003 The Political History of the Hephthalites. Swiatowit. Journal of the Institute of Archaeology, Vol. V (XLVI), pp. 43-68 (en russe)
  • 2002 Survey of modern agriculture within the archaeological park and surrounding area. In. The Ancient Merv project, Turkmenistan. Preliminary report on the first season (2001), by Tim Williams, Kakamurad Kurbansakhatov, et al. Iran. The British Institute of Persian studies. Vol. XL, 33-35 (en anglais)

Langues parlées : turkmène, russe, turc, anglais, français

Email : aydogdy@gmail.com

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